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Past Graduate Students


Refilwe Lepelle

  • Thesis title: The gendered effects of tariff liberalisation on local labour markets in post-apartheid South Africa

Francois Steenkamp

  • Thesis title: South Africa's export dynamics: The margins and their determinants

Pinkie Kebakile

  • Thesis title: Dynamics of Firm-Level Export Diversification in Botswana

Peter Chacha

  • Thesis title: Firm level export dynamics and market access costs : Evidence from Kenya

Godfrey Mahofa

  • Thesis title: The Spatial Dimensions of Economic Activity in South Africa: The Role of Institutions and Policy

Gibson Mudiriza

  • Thesis title: Essays on regional wage disparities in South Africa: spatial patterns, convergence dynamics and causes

Dale Mudenda

  • Thesis title: Economic Reforms and Product Market Integration in Developing Countries: An Empirical Investigation Using Retail Prices in Zambia

Neil Balchin 

  • Thesis title: Investigating product market Integration in the Southern African development community: a price-based approach

Mamello Nchake

  • Thesis title: Product market integration in developing countries

Ryan Hawthorne

  • Thesis title: The impact of heterogenous consumer preferences on welfare outcomes of government interventions

Alex O’Riordan

  • Thesis title: Country programmable aid: differences, divergences and contradictions between donor aid strategies and beneficiary country development plans

Lyn Reed

  • Thesis title: The changing dynamics of the South African clothing value chain and the role for industrial policy: A case study of the China quotas

Judith Fessehaie

  • Thesis title: The dynamics of Zambia’s copper value chain

Yanis Kuhn von Burgsdorf 

  • Thesis title: The political economy of innovative development financing: A case study of donor funded risk capital financing in South Africa

Onkokame Mothobi 

  • Thesis title: Essays on Telecommunications Demand and Regulatory Policies: An Application of Homogenous and Differentiated Products Model

Rethabile Masanyetse 

  • Thesis title: Firm growth, survival and productivity in South Africa

Santigie Kargbo

  • Thesis title: FDI and Economic Growth in Africa

Elisabeth Kasekende 

  • Thesis title: Financial Innovation, Mobile Money and Development

Christine Makanza 

  • Thesis title: Current Account Dynamics, Volatility and Macro Policy in South Africa

Bertha Bangara 

  • Thesis title: Macroeconomic Dynamics in a Low Income Economy: Malawi

Nan Tian 

  • Thesis title: Military Spending, Conflict and Growth in Africa

Nicholas Masiyandima

  • Thesis title: FDI and Economic Growth in SADC



Willard Mapulanga 

  • Thesis title: The agro-food processing industry and its potential for industrialization in Zambia

Sean Mercer

  • Thesis title: Making manufacturing work: An investigation of employment outcomes in South African manufacturing

Lesego Moshikaro 

  • Thesis title: Benchmarking and productivity analysis in South Africa’s automotive industry

Thabo Scott

  • Thesis title: Keeping up with the Khumalo’s: Analysis of the Indebted African Middle Class in South Africa 2008-2017

Andrew Grant 

  • Thesis title: Estimating Future Demand for Electric Vehicles in South Africa

Sean Kirsten 

  • Thesis title: Heat as a medicine – A Study of the Ceiling Retrofit Programme in South African Low-cost Housing 

Thomas McLennan 

  • Thesis title: Autos for Africa: Possibilities and Pitfalls for an Automotive Industry in Africa

David Kapya

  • Thesis title: Technical and scale efficiency in Zambia’s agro-processing industry; A firm level data envelopment analysis of the 2011/2012 Manufacturing Census

Emma Baker 

  • Thesis title: Ghana 'Rising'? A socioeconomic snapshot of Ghana's place in the 'Africa Rising' narrative

Shuhei Kato 

  • Thesis title: Contributions of a minerals industry cluster to sustainable development: A case study on human and social capital in Richards Bay, South Africa

Luke Farrell 

  • Thesis title: A Critique of Beneficiation: A Case Study of Titanium, Richards Bay, and South African Industrial Strategy

Brian Makundi

  • Thesis title: A Case Study of the Automotive Sector in Kenya

Bame Modungwa

  • Thesis title: “Beyond the sparkle” Diversification of Mineral-rich Economies: The Case of Botswana

Ashleigh Fynn

  • Thesis title: A Tale of Two Housing Projects

Diana Matumba

  • Thesis title: The Impact of Import Competition from China on the Skill-Bias of Manufacturing Employment across South African Regions between 2001 and 2011

Mercy Zulu

  • Thesis title: Evaluation of the Performance of Zambia’s National System of Innovation for the Period 2001 to 2010

Michaela Allen

  • Thesis title: The Contribution of Information and Communication Technology to the wellbeing of the urban poor in South Africa

Struan Monteith

  • Thesis title: A Qualitative Analysis of the South African Just Transition

Anna Filapova

  • Thesis title: Disruptive Technologies and the Transformation of the Energy Sector: The Case of Small Scale Embedded Generation and Municipalities in South Africa

Gary White

  • Thesis title: The benefits of quick response in the South African Apparel Industry

Musawenkosi Nxele

  • Thesis title: From Enclave to Inclusive: The Impact of Mining on Local Communities in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Zara Christie

  • Thesis title: Production Upgrading and Skills Development in the Western Cape Clothing Sector: are industry requirements being met by institutional policy implications?

Lutho Vika

  • Thesis title: Gender dynamics in the South African apparel value chain: A case study on the Western Cape Province

Claire Pengelly

  • Thesis title: Private Sector Climate Finance Readiness: The extension of Climate Finance Readiness Assessment Frameworks as relevant for the Private Sector

Amelia Midgley

  • Thesis title: The hydro-politics of water in the Limpopo and Zambesi Basins: A policy analysis of transboundary water management to encourage cooperation in the face of water scarcity

Lucy Martin

  • Thesis title: Non-automotive Manufacturing in the Eastern Cape: A study of the sector’s decline and possible policy solutions

Rubab Shaikh Abdoola

  • Thesis title: Upgrading, Learning Opportunities and Skill Development in the Textile and Clothing Sector: A Case Study of Mauritius

Charity Nkomo

  • Thesis title: A critical analysis of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) vis a vis Competition Law

Jay Grunder

  • Thesis title: United Kingdom Trade Policy and BREXIT

Carey Bridger

  • Thesis title: The Southern African Customs Union: A Review

Tsidy Khiba

  • Thesis title: What are the implication of South Africa’s Protection of Investment Act on the SADC Region’s aims to harmonize investment policy within the region, and how can possible inconsistencies be overcome?

Caitlin Harvey

  • Thesis title: Digital Free Trade Areas: The Prospects for SADC and Developing Countries

Eino Nangolo

  • Thesis title: An Analysis on Creating a Balance Between Economic Transformation and Investment in Namibia’s Mining Industry

Stanley Mutinda

  • Thesis title: Evaluating the impact of market structure in mobile telecommunications: panel data analysis for emerging economies

David Black

  • Thesis title: An Analysis of Subsidies within the Plastics Recycling Industry

Robert Bowdery

  • Thesis title: Demand Estimation and Competition in the South African Banking Industry

Scott Havemann

  • Thesis title: Is there a role for public interest provisions in South African competition law?

Muhammad Ali Moosajee 

  • Thesis title: Challenging patronage networks and corruption in Iraq

Jessyca Primo

  • Thesis title: Trade Facilitation and Export diversification in South Africa

Kerryn Kox

  • Thesis title: The Effects of Trade Reform on Labour Mobility AcrossSouth African Local Labour Markets

Shannon Malgas

  • Thesis title: The Effects of Subsidized Housing on the Property Values of Neighbourhoods within its Vicinity

Lerato Mzezewa

  • Thesis title: Heterogeneous impact of Interest Rates on Retail Firm Product Prices:A product-level analysis using micro-data from Lesotho

Rupert Ellis 

  • Thesis title: Environmental regulation as a determinant of trade

Jing Woei Chien 

  • Thesis title: The Chinese Influence on South African Manufacturing Sector Exports

Neema Siama Risha

  • Thesis title: Getting prices right: A case study of the Tanzanian mild Arabica Coffee industry

Haika Mbwambo

  • Thesis title: Market access and spatial income distribution in South Africa

Salma Kajee

  • Thesis title: Multiproduct Firms and Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Diana Nyabongo

  • Thesis title: A study of the causes of the real net-of-tax cigarette price increases in South Africa (1990-2012)

Andre Steenkamp

  • Thesis title: The impact of trade preferences in facilitating competitive industrial development: An AGOA case study

Ntuthuko Tsokodibane

  • Thesis title: China and South Africa’s exports in third country markets: An application of the Helpman, Melitz and Rubinstein model