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Past Graduate Students


Alex O’Riordan

  • Thesis title: Country programmable aid: differences, divergences and contradictions between donor aid strategies and beneficiary country development plans

Lyn Reed

  • Thesis title: The changing dynamics of the South African clothing value chain and the role for industrial policy: A case study of the China quotas

Judith Fessehaie

  • Thesis title: The dynamics of Zambia’s copper value chain

Yanis Kuhn von Burgsdorf 

  • Thesis title: The political economy of innovative development financing: A case study of donor funded risk capital financing in South Africa

Onkokame Mothobi 

  • Thesis title: Essays on Telecommunications Demand and Regulatory Policies: An Application
    of Homogenous and Differentiated Products Model

Rethabile Masanyetse 

  • Thesis title: Firm growth, survival and productivity in South Africa



Andrew Grant 

  • Thesis title: Estimating Future Demand for Electric Vehicles in South Africa

Sean Kirsten 

  • Thesis title: Heat as a medicine – A Study of the Ceiling Retrofit Programme in South African Low-cost Housing 

Thomas McLennan 

  • Thesis title: Autos for Africa: Possibilities and Pitfalls for an Automotive Industry in Africa

David Kapya

  • Thesis title: Technical and scale efficiency in Zambia’s agro-processing industry; A firm level data envelopment analysis of the 2011/2012 Manufacturing Census

Emma Baker 

  • Thesis title:

Shuhei Kato 

  • Thesis title: Contributions of a minerals industry cluster to sustainable development: A case study on human and social capital in Richards Bay, South Africa

Luke Farrell 

  • Thesis title: A Critique of Beneficiation: A Case Study of Titanium, Richards Bay, and South African Industrial Strategy

Brian Makundi

  • Thesis title: A Case Study of the Automotive Sector in Kenya

Bame Modungwa

  • Thesis title: “Beyond the sparkle” Diversification of Mineral-rich Economies: The Case of Botswana

Ashleigh Fynn

  • Thesis title: A Tale of Two Housing Projects

Diana Matumba

  • Thesis title: The Skill-based Impact of Import Competition from China on Employment across South African regions

Mercy Zulu

  • Thesis title: Evaluation of the Performance of Zambia’s National System of Innovation for the Period 2001 to 2010

Michaela Allen

  • Thesis title: The Contribution of Information and Communication Technology to the wellbeing of the urban poor in South Africa

Struan Monteith

  • Thesis title: A Qualitative Analysis of the South African Just Transition

Anna Filapova

  • Thesis title: Disruptive Technologies and the Transformation of the Energy Sector: The Case of Small Scale Embedded Generation and Municipalities in South Africa

Gary White

  • Thesis title: The benefits of quick response in the South African Apparel Industry

Musawenkosi Nxele

  • Thesis title: From Enclave to Inclusive: The Impact of Mining on Local Communities in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Zara Christie

  • Thesis title: Production Upgrading and Skills Development in the Western Cape Clothing Sector: are industry requirements being met by institutional policy implications?

Lutho Vika

  • Thesis title: Gender dynamics in the South African apparel value chain: A case study on the Western Cape Province

Claire Pengelly

  • Thesis title: Private Sector Climate Finance Readiness: The extension of Climate Finance Readiness Assessment Frameworks as relevant for the Private Sector

Amelia Midgley

  • Thesis title: The hydro-politics of water in the Limpopo and Zambesi Basins: A policy analysis of transboundary water management to encourage cooperation in the face of water scarcity

Lucy Martin

  • Thesis title: Non-automotive Manufacturing in the Eastern Cape: A study of the sector’s decline and possible policy solutions

Rubab Shaikh Abdoola

  • Thesis title: Upgrading, Learning Opportunities and Skill Development in the Textile and Clothing Sector: A Case Study of Mauritius