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Current graduate students


​​​​​​​Refilwe Lepelle

  • Thesis title: The gendered effects of tariff liberalisation on local labour markets in post-apartheid South Africa

Godfrey Kamutando​​​​​​​

  • Thesis title: Sustainability of the Manufacturing Sector in Zimbabwe: Productivity, Employment and Earnings

Margreet Visser 

  • Thesis title: Squeezed, peeled or jammed? The interaction between producer and labour agency in the global fresh fruit value chain: a case study of apple farming in Grabouw

Betty Ananeh-Frempong

  • Thesis title: Innovation in West African firms

Sisa Jobo 

  • Thesis title: Essays on Institutions

Valerio Venturi 

  • Thesis title: An Economic History of Mozambique from the mid-nineteenth century to the present: Institutions, Infrastructures and Economic Change Under Colonial, Socialist and Market-Driven Imperatives

Marumo Nkomo

  • Thesis title: Intellectual Property Righst and Competition Agreement in the AfCFTA

Yakubu Nagu

  • Thesis title: From OAU to AfCFTA: Analysing the prospects for economic development in Africa 

Adetutu Oluwaseyi

  • Thesis title: The ACFTA as a Vehicle for Boosting Intra-African Trade: A Critical Analysis of the ACFTA as an Effective Framework for Organised Informal Cross-Border Trade in Africa

Tapiwa Cheuka

  • Thesis title: An Assessment of the relationship between Law, Trade in Services and Development in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Christiana Agbo-Ejeh

  • Thesis title: The ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement and Internationalization of Economic Duress: A legal Analysis of the Impact of Economic Pressure on Development

Tsotang Tsietsi 

  • Thesis title: The World Trade Organisation’s Trade Facilitation Agreement: Prospects for Improving Trade in the Southern African Development Community



Natasha Rachwal

  • Thesis title: Competing conceptions of the most-favoured-nation principle: an analysis of the extent to which the formulation of the MFN clause reflects the relevant negotiating history of GATT 1947

Seamus Hennessy

  • Thesis title: Cryptonetworks: The Incentive-based Economics of Blockchain

Lesego Moshikaro 

  • Thesis title: Benchmarking and productivity analysis in South Africa’s automotive industry

Thabo Scott

  • Thesis title: Keeping up with the Khumalo’s: Analysis of the Indebted African Middle Class in South Africa 2008-2017

Belynda Petrie

  • Thesis title: Toward cooperative governance of resource security – is Africa getting in its own way?

Sean Mercer

  • Thesis title: Making manufacturing work: An investigation of employment outcomes in South African manufacturing

Tobias Ritter 

  • Thesis title: Lowering market entry barriers through electric vehicles – a possible manufacturing case for motorcycles in developing countries

Ruth Gorven 

  • Thesis title: Agro-processing and regional integration

Willard Mapulanga 

  • Thesis title: The agro-food processing industry and its potential for industrialization in Zambia

Joshua Gordon 

  • Thesis title: The auto sector and regional integration

Lucian Ouma 

  • Thesis title: Regional integration in the EAC

Guy Bowden 

  • Thesis title: Kaizen in SA automotive component  firms

Niklas Paskert

  • Thesis title: Efficiency comparison of online and offline markets: evidence from the two largest US retailers

Edmund Boxall

  • Thesis title: The determinants of depressed feelings: intrinsic and behavioral characteristics and the relevance of gender and ethnicity

Hisseine Bahar

  • Thesis title: An analysis of spectrum allocation for the mobile phone services

Chanozya Kabaghe

  • Thesis title: Gender divide in use of communications technologies